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A Hartmann Ranch Christmas

A Hartmann Ranch Christmas_Samantha St.

Idaho 1891 - It's Christmas at The Hartmann Guest Ranch, and along with getting ready to celebrate the holiday in grand style, Jessie and Maddie are playing matchmakers for their new Scottish shepherd, Graham Kincaid, and Maddie's bookshop clerk, Clara Webster. Although the two can't seem to agree on much, including the Dickens' Christmas window display, the ladies are convinced they're perfect for each other. All they have to do is convince them.

You're invited to an old-fashioned Dickens' Christmas where Lena, Maddie, and Jessie are planning a party like Mr. Fezziwig's from "A Christmas Carol".

Come along! There'll be puppies, old friends, young lovers, delicious pastries from Jessie's kitchen, those rambunctious twins, and so much fun!

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What Readers Say

"I found much to love about this cozy story, laid as it is like a quilt over the Sawtooth Mountain landscape: the bustling township, the lively environ of the Hartmann Guest Ranch, wagon rides amid falling snow, the quiet dimness of a hay-scented barn.
The story is a treat, and I’m sure you will enjoy the references to literary works of the era tucked in here and there by Miss St. Claire. I truly hope you will indulge yourself in the fun of A Hartmann Ranch Christmas, where, eventually, “all is merry and bright."

—Shirley Miller, Goodreads review

"Samantha St. Claire delivers a cozy romantic read every time. A Hartmann Family Christmas delivers interesting characters with a good storyline set in an early Idaho so beautiful I want to go there! Thanks, Ms. St. Claire, for another great read."

Cynthia Webster, Goodreads review

"Samantha St. Claire has done it again with this lovely Christmas tale, A Hartmann Ranch Christmas. As with her other novels, the cover is captivating with its scene of rugged Idaho, this time cloaked in winter garb." —Jan Thacker, Goodreads review

"Miss St. Claire's stories unfailingly take readers to places and times of transformation. The author shows an affinity for confronting the crossroads in life. “Portrait of Dawn” is part of Samantha St. Claire’s “Sawtooth Mountain series,” but it stands on its own as a fully realized story and will be enjoyed by a first-time reader. I do recommend seeking out other titles in the series. These are sweet, heart-warming stories, perfect for relaxation, inspiration, and, sometimes, quiet introspection." —The Constant Reader, 5 Stars (full review)

"From the title, to the cover, to the cleverly-written words inside, “A Portrait of Dawn” sets out to capture hearts while, ever so subtly, giving readers a look at raw and rugged Idaho and its journey into statehood." —Jan Thacker, 5 Stars (full review)

"I can't get enough of this series! The fact that it takes place in one of my favorite areas on the planet, Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness, is one reason, but the stories themselves feel so real. I love historical romance from the late 1800s, and Ms. St. Claire makes the west come alive." —Theresa Gregson, 5 Stars (full review)

"Idaho is a beautiful state and when you go into the backwoods you can imagine what it would have been like in 1890 there are even a few ghost towns to help you along. The author was able to give such a vivid detailed description it was so well-written. The characters were outstanding in the faith-based historical. I was captivated from start to finish. This book was a journey I highly recommend you take. I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it." —Crystal Crossings, 5 Stars

"Samantha St. Claire delivers a well-researched historical romance mystery that had me smiling through tears as I turned the last page. The characters are likable and full of depth, and I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the terrain, era, and the overall canvas of the story. My favorite character, Maddie, is fiery, intelligent, honorable, and ready to handle anything that comes her way. A true survivor. I highly recommend Redeeming Lies to anyone who enjoys a smart, romantic read."  

Readers' Favorite, Five Star Review on Redeeming Lies

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