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Comes the Winter

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 A Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Alena Sommer isn’t one to run from adversity. But when the child she’s been governess to dies, she boldly seeks a new life in Idaho Territory by accepting a marriage proposal from a man she’s never met. When she arrives in Sawtooth City she finds the mines are in financial trouble and the man she was to marry is dead. Determined to stay, she ignores the warnings about harsh winters known to plague the Sawtooth Mountains. Will the same man who warns her to leave be the one who gives her the strength to stay? Surviving winter’s threat will take more than courage; it will require mettle forged of two strong wills.

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What Readers Say

“I so enjoyed this trip to the past. It was so well-written and thought out as well as a great read.” 

Kimmie Sue's Book Review & More

“…a surprise ending which will delight fans of romance/adventure novels who have read too many scripted endings. This is a terrific read, a great novel!”  —Readers Favorite, Five Star Review

“If you like inspirational stories cloaked as fiction, then you will really love this book. And the author's writing style and knack for painting vivid pictures with words is nothing short of admirable and impressive.”  —Priyanka Athavale

"Reading this wonderful book, Comes the Winter, is like finding yourself in your favorite chair, near a crackling fire, when it’s cold outside. Weather is changeable and so is life, but you are in a warm and happy place." —The Constant Reader

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