The McKenzie Sisters Mystery Series

Two sisters . . .

Rose and Cassandra are no ordinary sisters. One is scientifically inclined, lives in Denver, and rides a bicycle like her life—or a case—depends on it. The other rides trains, wields a blade, and keeps her identity as a Pinkerton "under wraps." The sisters also have a knack for solving cases . . . and getting into trouble while doing it. 

Each book takes place in a different Colorado location but they happen simultaneously. They are stand-alone novels and can be read in any order. The McKenzie Sisters Mystery Series was created by Samantha St. Claire.

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From the Readers

"This intrepid heroine kept me guessing till the end and made me laugh out loud! Rose is the epitome of the perfect heroine that I love to follow. She’s colorful, amusing, ingenious, and brilliant. I loved the setting Colorado 1899 and the atmosphere with a delightful blend of humor and adventure."

—Books & Benches, Top Pick (on The Case of the Peculiar Inheritance)

"An absolutely delightful mystery adventure that will keep you guessing till the last chapter! THE CASE OF THE COPPER KING is a must to read if you love western mysteries with a touch of romance and lots of twists and turns."

Nicole Laverdure, 5 Stars

The Case of the Peculiar Inheritance

by Samantha St. Claire

The Case of the Copper King

by MK McClintock