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Misha Alexandrov

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The Russian Fort Ross Colony 1827

What defines a man is not what others believe of him but the convictions he holds.

BookLife Prize in Fiction Semi-finalist.

In the spring of 1827, Misha Alexandrov arrives at Fort Ross as a ten-year-old orphan of a Russian father and an Aleut mother. Hated by the foreman for his half-breed heritage, he must prove his worth as a working member of the Russian American Company and overcome the perception that he brings with him "a bag of bad luck". On the remote coast of Alta California, a passion for the land takes root in his young heart, and he vows to do anything it takes to make the fortress colony his home.Misha Alexandrov, a middle grade novel from California's earliest days of European colonization, is a work of fiction in the style of Scott O'Dell (Island of the Blue Dolphins), and Allan W. Eckert (Incident at Hawk's Hill). Students of California history will discover the fuller picture of Sonoma County's diverse culture.

What Readers Say

"A solid, heartwarming tale" - Kirkus Reviews

"The writing is fluid and engaging, allowing the reader to appreciate the history of Fort Ross, while the characters are fully realized and the book well plotted. The use of metaphor relays the book's strong message, making this story one to be used for discussion among readers." - Review from BookLife Prize for Fiction

"A beautiful and absorbing story, rich in history, that readers will have a hard time putting down." - Diana Wallis Taylor, award winning author 

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