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Kat's Law

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InD’Tale Magazine says, “A wonderful book, and an auspicious start to The Sawtooth Range series!”

Kat Meriwether left her hometown of Snowberry in Idaho Territory as a tomboy with a saucy reputation as a fighter of bullies, but she returns as an educated woman polished by four years in Boston. Throughout those years she’s kept her mind on her studies, avoiding romantic entanglements that might hinder her from achieving her goals.

Jonathan Winthrop, is a haunted man, running from his own tormented past. Snowberry offers him a chance to start over, but lawless men are changing the once peaceful town, and innocents will die without a defender.

Young medical school graduate, Dr. Kat Meriwether, doesn’t like what she finds upon returning home, but she also finds a good man whose sense of justice is as strong as hers. Together they would find not only their unmistakable callings, but an undeniable love.

Readers' Favorite 5 Star Book
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What Readers Say

“A wonderful book, and an auspicious start to The Sawtooth Range series!” —InD'tale Magazine

2017 Rone Award Nominee  & 2016 Crowned Heart Review

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Samantha St. Claire's style of writing is captivating. She lures you in with vivid word imagery and takes you on a journey with a well written sequence of events that make this book very difficult to put down. Samantha St. Claire's language and storytelling skills combine to give us a very enjoyable, sometimes emotional adventure to another time and place." —Deborah Stone for Readers' Favorite

"KAT'S LAW, by Samantha St. Claire, inspires hope when life's complications might wear us down. This is a book I would recommend as a gift for a dear friend. And this is a book I plan to read again as winter closes in." —The Constant Reader

"Beautifully written and hard to put down! I felt transported in time to the pristine beauty of the Idaho territory and the lives of the people there. Looking forward to the next book!" —Beth Rambright

"Kat’s Law by Samantha St. Claire is a a gripping compelling story, with poetic descriptions of mountain valley ranches, frontier country, and humorous sketches of early western townspeople." —Amazon Customer

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