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A Portrait of Dawn

A Portrait of Dawn_Samantha St Claire

"The greatest thing a human being ever does in this world is to see something . . . to see clearly is poetry, prophecy, a religion all in one." —John Ruskin


Dawn's future looms before her like a blank canvas, and only through the artist's eyes will she see her true self and find the courage to paint the first stroke.

It’s 1890 and Idaho Territory is celebrating statehood. The event will draw two people who, like the new state, must redefine and prove themselves. While the artist, Luke Brennan, is captivated by Dawn Fairburn’s bewitching, jade green eyes and brilliant mind, the world characterizes her as less than a model of womanly perfection. Both are lacking in society’s estimation, he for his Irish heritage and she for her deformed leg, but together they may prove them all wrong. Like the new state, their combined strengths will give them the courage to step into the wilderness of their uncertain future.

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What Readers Say

"Miss St. Claire's stories unfailingly take readers to places and times of transformation. The author shows an affinity for confronting the crossroads in life. “Portrait of Dawn” is part of Samantha St. Claire’s “Sawtooth Mountain series,” but it stands on its own as a fully realized story and will be enjoyed by a first time reader. I do recommend seeking out other titles in the series. These are sweet, heart-warming stories, perfect for relaxation, inspiration, and, sometimes, quiet introspection." —The Constant Reader, 5 Stars (full review)

"From the title, to the cover, to the cleverly-written words inside, “A Portrait of Dawn” sets out to capture hearts while, ever so subtly, giving readers a look at raw and rugged Idaho and its journey into statehood." —Jan Thacker, 5 Stars (full review)

"I can't get enough of this series! The fact that it takes place in one of my favorite areas on the planet, Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness, is one reason, but the stories themselves feel so real. I love historical romance from the late 1800s, and Ms. St. Claire makes the west come alive." —Theresa Gregson, 5 Stars (full review)

"Idaho is a beautiful state and when you go into the backwoods you can imagine what it would have been like in 1890 there are even a few ghost towns to help you along. The author was able to give such a vivid detailed description it was so well-written. The characters were outstanding in the faith-based historical. I was captivated from start to finish. This book was a journey I highly recommend you take. I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it." —Crystal Crossings, 5 Stars

"...a beautiful, poignant and captivating work of fiction.Readers' Favorite, Five Star Review for A Portrait of Dawn

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