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Interview with Lynn Winchester

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

"Walk the Lightning" by Lynn Winchester

Lynn Winchester is the fourth contributor to the short story series, Whitcomb Springs. Her first story has the intriguing title "Walk The Lightning". Recently, I invited her to answer a few questions about her writing craft. Some answers surprised and delighted me. I hope you'll learn a little more about one of your favorite authors here.

Welcome, Lynn!

What was the inspiration behind "Walk The Lightning"?

I wanted to write a story about a man who was lonely but who was waiting on God to bring him the woman he was meant to be with. I also wanted the story to emphasize how following God's will can bring blessings. Waiting on God and following where He leads.

There are two distinct types of approaches to writing. Some of us plot our stories in detail while others let the story take off on their own. So, here are two questions in one. Do you always know the ending when you begin writing? (Are you a plotter or a panster?")

Both. I start out with a general idea of what the story is about, but how I get from point A to point B is very much by the seat of my pants.

So, your endings may change as your write, yes?

Yes, absolutely. Usually because all that pants-ing in the middle makes the ending wonky. I change it to fit.

Have your characters ever surprised you?

Not really. Sometimes they decide to do something interesting, but the depths of my imagination no longer surprise me, LOL.

Do you foresee using the characters in WTL in a longer novella for the series?

Maybe as secondary characters, but I would need fresh characters as H/h in any other book.

Do you identify with any of your characters?

Yes. I was on a path that lead away from where God wanted me, and once I finally listened, He filled my life with more blessings than I can comprehend. I waited on Him, I followed Him in faith, and He rewarded my faithfulness.

Thanks, Lynn for a glimpse behind scenes of a writing life. I wish you much success.


Here's a summary of Lynn's first short story for the new series, Whitcomb Springs.

Reverend Paul Isaacs has known the weight of loneliness for 35 years. Day by day by day, the silence and heartache batters him. And in the town of Whitcomb Springs, there’s no one to ease that ache, to fill that void… Until Alivia. Alivia Ryder isn’t one to allow sorrow to rule her life; having lost her husband of 5 years she is determined to start over. To live and thrive again. And when she arrives in Whitcomb Springs, her heart draws her to the handsome, reserved, and sad-eyed preacher. When a storm strands Paul and Alivia in the church, one stunning realization brings the two lonely hearts to the brink of something powerful.


AUTHOR BIO: Lynn Winchester is the pseudonym of a hardworking California-born conservative, now living in the wilds of Northeast Pennsylvania. Lynn has been writing fiction since the 5th grade, and enjoys creating worlds, characters, and stories for her readers.

Lynn writes charming, romantic romance that focuses on the growth of the relationship and the power of true love. Lynn's historical western Dry Bayou Brides series is a highly acclaimed, bestselling sweet romance series. Keep an eye out for her upcoming releases.

When Lynn isn't writing, she is running a successful editing business, reading whatever she can get her hands on, raising her four children, making sure her husband is happy, and binge watching shows on Netflix.

She can be found on FaceBook here.

You can connect with Lynn at her website


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