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"Forsaken Trail" MK McClintock Interview

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Today, I'm joined by MK McClintock, award-winning author of historical fiction, and the imaginative force responsible for the origin of the Montana series, Whitcomb Springs. The first question concerns that inspiration. Thank you, MK, for joining me.

What inspired the town of Whitcomb Springs and its founding family?

I have another series out, Crooked Creek, set in post-Civil War Montana Territory. The first four installments are short stories, and I had so much fun writing them. I knew I wanted to do something similar with a multi-author series, and Whitcomb Springs was born. I wanted a series that would convey the struggles faced after the war, but that also showed the human side: humor, romance, and everyday life. I invited a few authors who I believed would deliver such stories. For the series to work as I hoped, there needed to be someone who knew what they wanted and the courage to see it through. Daniel Whitcomb’s dream became Evelyn’s, and when he went to war, she had the courage to continue building his legacy. From this foundation, there are so many potential stories to tell and characters to discover.

How did you find the story for “Forsaken Trail”?

Like any of my other stories, the ideas are there when I need them. While writing “Whitcomb Springs,” I knew the next story would feature Evelyn’s sister and Cooper, the guide who first brought Daniel and Evelyn to the area. It’s a story of healing and hope, and how even those who did not fight in the war were deeply affected.

Which character resonates most with you?

So far I’d have to say Evelyn. I tend to put a little of myself into every female lead; it helps me identify with and understand them on a deeper level. With Evelyn, I saw myself in her place, using every ounce of strength and courage she had to survive those four years, far away from home. The next story I’m writing in the series focuses on her husband, Daniel, and Evelyn’s role is such that I can only hope to one day emulate her kindness and goodness.


"Forsaken Trail"

by MK McClintock

Cooper McCord enjoyed a solitary life. When he first showed Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb the beautiful mountain valley in Montana, he didn’t expect to stay. After the War Between the States began, Cooper remained close and helped build the town, not realizing he was building a home for himself. When an unexpected arrival to Whitcomb Springs makes him question his reclusive life, will Cooper retreat to his wilderness or allow himself to take a chance and risk happiness?


"Forsaken Trail" and "Tracking Amy" are scheduled for release Friday, April 13th. The eBooks can be pre-ordered today on Amazon. You can also visit our Amazon Whitcomb Springs series page here.

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