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Five Stars for Redeeming Lies

Updated: Dec 5, 2018


"Samantha St. Claire delivers a well-researched historical romance mystery that had me smiling through tears as I turned the last page. The characters are likable and full of depth, and I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the terrain, era, and the overall canvas of the story. My favorite character, Maddie, is fiery, intelligent, honorable, and ready to handle anything that comes her way. A true survivor. I highly recommend Redeeming Lies to anyone who enjoys a smart, romantic read."

- Readers' Favorite five star review


This fourth novel in the Sawtooth Range is now available from Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

If you read Comes the Winter and met Lena, Evan, Jessie, Bart and Ely, then you can follow the next chapter of their lives here in Redeeming Lies. Dr. David Reynolds from High Valley Promise will find the love of his life with a little help from Lena and Jessie. It's a love story wrapped up in suspense that reviewer Stephen Fisher called 'a great read and real page-turner'.

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MK McClintock
MK McClintock
05 de dez. de 2018

Congrats on the great review, Samantha!

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