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Christmas in October

Yes, actually, for me it is Christmas as I start the final chapters of my #newrelease A Hartmann Ranch Christmas for #TheSawtoothRange book series. Scroll down for a sneak peek.

Today's writing session ended on Christmas Eve, 1890, where I left Graham and Milicent taking a walk through sparkling snow to the Hartmann’s ranch house. It was a lovely starry night, and it’s become quite obvious to both of them that this is not just a casual attraction they feel for each other. But have either of them voiced those feelings or acted on them? Of course not! At least, not yet. That's tomorrow's chapter. I can't wait to see what happens. Puppies, old friends, new lovers, delicious pastries from Jessie's kitchen, those rambunctious twins, and so much fun!

Here's an excerpt of the opening chapter.


Monday, December 2, 1890

With her bright eager face, effusive smile, and aggravating efficiency, Milicent Baxter was the last person Maddie Reynolds wanted to greet her this morning. With neither her breakfast nor her mood refusing to settle, Mrs. Reynolds found her bookshop assistant’s cheerful enthusiasm more than mildly annoying. The sheepdog sitting quietly by her side, less so, but only moderately less. Not even a kitten could improve her mood this morning.

For a moment, standing there at the open door with her hand resting on the doorknob, she considered returning home and having one more cup of tea with her handsome husband, Dr. David Reynolds. But even his good humor had not set well with her as they breakfasted together. He’d had the poor judgement to make light of her surliness, reminding her of her condition, the infuriating but oh-so rational explanation for everything she was feeling these recent weeks. Mood swings, he’d said, were not uncommon. And without the least effort to sympathize, he had the audacity to laugh!

No, she wouldn’t go back to the house. Christmas was only a month away, and she had grand plans for her newly acquired bookstore. After convincing Mrs. Wilkinson to sell the store to her, there were changes she’d already made and more to come. One of them was hiring an assistant, the petite bundle of enviable energy that stood before her now, offering her a cup of steaming coffee. The cup, at least, was welcome, and she accepted it with a weak smile.

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I think we all could use a little Christmas right now. For me, that's tomorrow. Can't wait!

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MK McClintock
MK McClintock
02 okt. 2020

Love the excerpt! Excited to read the book, and yay, in time for Christmas reading!

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