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"Healing Fire"

"Healing Fire" by Samantha St. Claire

“I was held in the grip of 'Healing Fire' from beginning to end.”

—The Constant Reader

After the death of Nora Hewitt’s husband, the citizens of Whitcomb Springs don’t see odds favoring the young widow for holding onto the ranch with only her ten-year-old son to assist. That changes when a gentle giant of a man offers a helping hand. Motivated by compassion and his own grieving heart, the blacksmith becomes a mentor for the troubled boy and befriends the attractive widow, scandalizing the town gossips. Propriety is wielded like a weapon to separate them, but Providence makes its own plans through fire, loss and redemption.

What Readers Say

"An exciting, heart-warming western love story! 'Healing Fire' is a beautiful and sweet story, very well written by Samantha St. Claire! This short novella has good flow, charming characters and everything to please lovers of western romances." —Nicole Laverdure

"Given all the loss and heartbreak they endured, they found the strength to move forward. I’ll look forward to reading more about these characters in future stories." —Kindle Customer

“I was held in the grip of Healing Fire from beginning to end.” —The Constant Reader

"Samantha St, Claire's HEALING FIRE is a lovely read! I felt like I was there in the yard, my back leaning against a fence post, as I watched events unfold." —Amazon Customer

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